Meet the Innkeepers

Our Mission and Purpose

Derived from the Latin word hospes , meaning "host", "guest", or "stranger", hospitality is rooted in the act of generosity and friendly treatment of visitors and guests. That being said, our sole purpose is to provide pleasure for our guests in the most beautiful, gracious, warm, personal, comfortable, and clean environment possible. We pay homage to the magnificent land that we live in, the beloved people that we work with, the history that has graced our territory and the art and culture that has continually blossomed in this part of the world. Our home is stylish with modern technology complementing the rustic and lovely charm of our architectural and interior designs. Our people are knowledgeable, capable, curious, thoughtful and warm, and we support each other first, as we believe putting our stakeholders (employees, guests, partners, then investors, in that order) first is the key to running a meaningful and sustainable business. We also believe in doing everything possible for our guests and subscribe to the philosophy of Enlightened Hospitality - which is very akin to the Golden Rule - we aim to care for our guests, doing unto others as we would have done to us, and for us.

Pete and Carol Reed

We have had the privilege to live and explore Montana’s beauty and rich resources for 50 years. With this experience, we take pride in helping our Yellowstone inn guests create a memory, while discovering off the beaten path recreational areas of Montana. With Yellowstone National Park as our backyard, our family has a rich history of what Mother Nature offers.

It is our goal for each guest to grasp a memory of the beauty and depth of Montana. Please give us your specific interests and we will gladly help you link to great adventures of the West.